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Code of Ethics

AS breeders we do more then breed fancy rats for color and beauty, we breed for longevity and temperament. We all follow these simple ethics when breeding wonderful pets.......

To provide for each animal in our care an environment which meets their physical, emotional, and psychological needs. This includes adequate living conditions, correct nutrition, proper bedding, and needed health care.

To promote and encourage responsible pet ownership.

To be familiar with and knowledgeable of the standard for those varieties which I choose to breed, including proper coat, color, conformation, and temperament, and to use that standard as a goal in Responsible breeding.

To be knowledgeable about the effects and consequences of diseases, and what they mean to the rat population if breed irresponsibly.

To only breed rats of correct age, temperament, and type in order to promote healthy rats.

To discontinue the breeding of animals who consistently produce offspring who have Deformity, disorder, illness, defect, or poor temperament

When placing rats,  employ an “Adoption Agreement” that will be signed by both parties (buyer and seller) and kept on record.

To not sell or place a kitten in a new home with out mom before the age of 4-5 weeks ( proper age determined for that litter to wean).

Be sure that the "new home" or owner is aware of what is needed to care for their new pet.
To provide the new owner with ongoing support and assistance with problems that may arise.

To promote the betterment of our club, and encourage others to behave in an ethical and beneficial way.

To not cull/kill healthy babies

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