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SPR Bliss (owned by Resola Rattery)
The self-rat has a complete absence of white markings. This rat is all one color with no white hairs anywhere on the body.

English Irish:
This rat has a triangle on the chest, between the front feet. All feet are also white. There should be no other white anywhere else on the body.

SPR Darwin (owned by Resola Rattery)
This rat has a white marking on his lower abdomen, four white feet and a tail tip. The tail should be tipped with white no more than ¼ its total length.
MR Moulan Ruoge (owned by Resola Rattery)
This symmetrically marked rat has a full white belly and chest. The line between white and color should be clear cut, with no mottling or variation. The tail may be up to half way white. Marking on the head is also permissible.

RMG Seiko (owned by Rainin Rats Rattery and adoption)
There are many possibilities here; the key is that there is no distinct pattern. The head and shoulders may be of any color, and include a white marking on the face. The rest of the body should have a variegation of spots covering it and the tail. Stomach should be white.
ZRR Violet (owned by Raining rats Rattery and Adoption)
This is a mostly white rat with spots of color throughout the entire body. There should be no clear pattern.
DCR Madelline ( owned by Resola Rattery)
The sides, legs and feet should be white, free from any other color or spotting. This leaves a “hood” over the rat's head and down the back. There should be no break in the pattern, and the hood should appear symmetrical.  The tail should be colored at the base, with a white end.
MR Nefrititi (owned by EaglesEye Rattery)
Looks similar to a hooded rat, except it is missing the extension of the hood, down the back. The head, neck, and shoulders should be colored. The rest of the rat to be white.

MR Raiden (owned by EaglesEye Rattery)
The body should be entirely white, except for a colored head. The color should only be on the head (this does not include the throat)

Khats Logan (owned by EaglesEye Rattery)
The entire body to be white, with only color covering the rats face. It should look as if the rat is wearing a zorro mask that covers the eyes, and under the chin or muzzle.

MR Aspen (owned by Ted   and Karrie)
Has a symmetrical marking covering the back and head. The legs, chest, sides, stomach and chin should all be white. The tail should have a white tip, no longer than ¼ the length of the tail. White Head markings are acceptable.

Binnie (owned by Thistle's Rattery)
There are two types of blazes. Badger blaze, and other types. Blazes may occur on almost any pattern, except those, which specify the absence of white markings on the face. A badger blaze must be shaped in a symmetrical wedge; it shall start at the nose, and come to an even point before the ears. Other blazes must be somewhat clear-cut, and at least extend halfway up the face.

Odd-eye rats may be any color. The only requirement be that they have one pink eye, and one Ruby or black eye.

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